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Bang & Co Liquids

R 200.00


A rich and thick vanilla icing with a squirt of gooey fruit berry jam sandwiched between two golden-baked butter biscuits.

Just as tasty as you remember it.

70VG / 30PG ratio.



Thin puff pastry filled to the brim with crème pâtissière custard dusted with powdered sugar to top it all off.

The rich character of custard is the foundation that brings this flavour to life, enchanted delicately by a warm and aromatic spell of the decadent vanilla essence. The core flavours are exalted by heavenly-smooth spiced cream, and a delicate finish of thin puff pastry carries it home with artisanal excellence. Kust is a masterpiece, effortlessly worthy of an all-day-vape.

70VG / 30PG ratio.



Thick and heavy custard set on top of a doughy butter crust finished off with a lemon zest glaze.

Zestee is a well-mannered celebration of a wonderfully aromatic lemon zest, with a mild hint of bakery undertones. Made with the extract of real lemon zest flavourings, Zestee is meticulously blended.

70VG / 30PG ratio.



Leave your manners at the door and slurp up the left-over cereal milk straight from the bowl!

Korny is complex flavor featuring a silky smooth full cream milk infused with the wholesome wheat, oats, corn and rice tones of your favourite wholegrain Milky-Os breakfast cereal.
Cheerio ol Chap.

70VG / 30PG ratio.