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FOMO E-Liquid

R 250.00

Product Description

Apple Acai Strawberry Shortfill E-liquid by FOMO brings together crisp Apples, rich tart Acai berries and the sweetest summer Strawberries, creating a sensational superfruit mix to remember.

Blueberry Banana E-liquid by Doozy Legends provides a delightfully smooth fruit blend between bold bright Blueberries and the creamiest ripe Bananas.

Blackcurrant Pear Soursop Shortfill E-liquid by FOMO offers a distinctly aromatic fruit blend between succulent Blackcurrants, soft Pears and sweet and tart Soursop.

Cherry Guava Raspberry E-liquid by Doozy Legends delivers an exciting fruit amalgamation between powerfully rich Cherries, sweet Guava, and sharp Raspberries.

Honeydew Mango Shortfill E-liquid by FOMO merges the most juiciest Honeydew Melon notes with punchy Mango bursts, creating a tropical treat for the taste buds.

Orange Jackfruit Shortfill E-liquid by FOMO fuses sticky sweet Orange slices with tropical Jackfruit to create a satisfyingly complex fruit flavour experience.

Passionfruit Pineapple Peach Shortfill E-liquid by FOMO takes some of the richest fruits from the tropics and merges them together to create a heavenly fruit-filled vape.