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Gbom Energy Drink

R 15.00

The Riddler, a true mastermind in the world of flavours, challenging your taste buds with every sip. With a clever twist on the classic watermelon cosmo, this drink will keep you guessing if you're indulging in succulent juicy berries or something entirely unique.

Prepare to be mystified by the delicious blend of flavours, crafted to tantalize your senses with every sip.
The Rider's mysterious concoction is sure to keep you on your toes, wondering what surprising flavour sensation will come next.

Get ready to unravel the enigma of The Riddler and experience a taste like no other.
This energy drink is perfect for those who crave adventure and enjoy a little mystery in their lives.

So, why battle for ordinary when you can indulge in this extraordinary!

Moondrops, Nestled between the renowned F Bomb and the mighty H Bomb lies the secret weapon...Gbom... to create the ultimate Slayer Bomb.

This little can packs a punch like no other, ready to demolish your taste buds with its unique and insanely delicious formula.
Gone are the days of the average ninja bomb - the Slayer Gbom is in a league of its on.

Years of experience have gone into crafting the unique favour of succulent mangoes, delicious litchi and a special twist, guaranteeing an explosion of energy with every sip of your daily Slayer.

Tick-Tick Boom MotherTrucker!

Gbom Energy Drink - Moondrops Boosted 300ml
Gbom Energy Drink - The Riddler 300ml

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