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GBOM Mistify - LONGFILL Aroma

R 200.00

GBOM Mistify Longfill Aroma

Please note: This is a longfill product with 30ml flavour concentrate in a 120ml bottle. More ingredients might be required to finish this product.




A walk through the Garden of Eden with wondrous hints of all things fruity. Sweet, tangy, juicy, and delicious.

English Toffee Pudding

Your new favorite song, The English Toffee Pudding, is a delicate British dessert consisting of a dense, moist spongy cake topped with a deliciously sweet toffee sauce.

The Riddler

The Riddler, a master of mind games, makes you wonder if you’re savoring sweet juicy berry-like fruits, with a spin-off on a classical watermelon cosmo.


DIY Aroma Guide

  • Remove the Lid
  • Remove the Top Cap
  • Fill with 80ml VG
  • Fill with 10ml Nic Shot
  • .Replace Top Cap & Lid
  • Shake Well to Mix


DIY Nic Shot Guide

  • 24mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 2mg 120ml
  • 36mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 3mg 120ml
  • 60mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 5mg 120ml
  • 72mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 6mg 120ml