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GTaste - Preloaded Cotton Shoelace

R 120.00

G-taste preloaded cotton is to provide the most convenient,cleanest and easy to wick. We select premium organic cotton from japan,free of impurities,natural oils and pesticides.Packaged in a resealable travel size package,with 20pcs Preloaded cotton and 4pcs Strip cotton. By pre-loaded design, Coil Building DIY Lovers will have different Experience.If you re-wick often or are in a hurry,G-taste pre-loaded cotton is the way to go.

Preloaded cotton is able to provide the most convenient, cleanest and easiest way to wick.
It's best for wicking and won't tear apart easily. Just take one for easy coil building.
Keep it simple.
G-taste preloaded cotton also can prompt your vape making more smoke,which give your more terrific vaping tour.
G-TASTE Preloaded Cotton is made of premium organic Japan cotton.