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Milc E-Liquid

R 280.00

  • Zewb
    • Iced vanilla frosting.
    • Crunchy biscuit base.
    • The Authentic Zewb experience.
    • Ecigssa 2017 Best Bakery Winner.
  • Jellies
    • Fruity jelly candy
    • Covered in sugar
    • A mouthful of your favorite treat.
  • OH!
    • A magical fresh vanilla biscuit,
    • Dipped in White chocolate,
    • Covered in sprinkles.
  • Squish'd
    • A squishy raspberry jelly sitting on a layer of sweet vanilla icing smooshed between two fresh buttery cookies.
    • A jolly good time!
  • Mix'd
    • Mixed berry bubble tea.
    • Sweet, Fruity, refreshing.
    • Perfect for a summer day.
  • Pango
    • Peach and Mango sweet lemonade.
    • Perfectly balanced.
    • With a hint of ice.