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R 160.00

  • Glitch - Astonish your senses with this succulent strawberry cocktail. A juicy, delectable strawberry drink blended with a tropical twist of summer melons and a hint of coconut. This is for the fruit lovers. 
  • Glitch Ice - Glitch as you remember it, now with ice!
  • Sonic - Crisp, ripe apple combines with a lip-smacking blend of strawberry and berries that will dance across your tongue! Delicious peppermint and menthol round out this delightful blend to create a juicy fruity freshness that everyone will love. 
  • Reverb - Refresh your face with this juicy, fruity menthol. An energising medley of lychee and fruit with menthol. If you're looking for plenty of juicy flavour with an icy exhale to keep you cool this summer, this is it.  
  • Deep Freeze - Sweet spearmint candy with an icy bite. Stay cool all day long.

Size: 50ml Chubby Bottle/ 140ml Chubby Bottle

50ml : 0mg / 3mg / 6mg

60ml : 0mg / 3mg / 6mg

140ml : 3mg / 6mg