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Quepool vaporizer is designed by same engineer with Gpen and Davinci Vaporizer. It is a new dry herb vape pen with 18650 battery 2500mah big capacity. This convection vaporizer comes with glass tube mouthpiece which can be compatible with 14mm outer diameter glass bubbler. Feeling nice in the hand with a vape pen shape. Super precise temp control, 232°C max temperature and ceramic heating chamber make it special and easy to use.

Function Convection vaporizer
Use for Dry herb
Material Metal and glass
Color Black and blue
Resistance 0.6ohm
Charging port MICRO USB (on the bottom)
Battery capacity 18650 battery 2500mah
Heating chamber Ceramic heating chamber
Mouthpiece Glass tube (compatible with 14mm outer diameter glass bubbler)
Power on 5 clicks to power on /off
Temperature OLED display, Max temperature 232°C/449.6°F
Temp control Press the up /down button to select the temp ,multiple button mian button + up/down for C / F  display
Circles Every circle is 5 minutes,then auto power off
Heating indicatior When heating, fire logo flash and temp data rising
Pass through Device can work when charging, PASS THROUGH function
Low battery voltage alarm When voltage <3.05V, stop power supply. Battery logo flash 5 times and auto-power off
Battery protection There is over charging, low battery, high currency, Short circuit protect system, to ensure the safety
Charging Battery logo in digital display ,4 volume show currently volume and chaging process
Package Black gift box
Weight 0.1KG (New), 0.25KG (Gross)
Product size 14.6*2.8*2.8cm
Package size 17.2*7.8*5.2cm
Certificate CE,RoHS
Warranty 12 months
Key words Dry herb vaporizer, herbal vaporizer, tobacco, smoking device, dry herb pen, glass bubbler, vape pen
Customizable OEM/ODM welcomed
Features 1. Air convection vaporizer
2. Glass tube mouth, compatible with 14mm(outer diameter) glass bubbler
3. Large ceramic heating chamber
4. 2500mah big battery
5. Super precise temp control, 232°C max temperature
6. Vape pen design, Pure and flavorful vapor
Set Including 1* Quepool Vaporizer
1* Cleaning Brush
2* Silicone mouthpieces
5* Metal Filters
6* Silicone O rings
1* USB Charger
1* Manual