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R 150.00

Titanium Fibre Cotton goes through 17 refining stages before achieving a final product, without adding any chemicals keeping it a pure 100% organic cotton
• High quality pure organic cotton enhances the taste of e-liquid
• Anti dry hits/heat resistance giving you a longer lasting cotton
• Multiple Fibres that are texturized together to give more body and allows for e-liquid to absorb faster and evenly
• Zero cotton taste, odorless and no break in period
• Contents: 2 rolls per bag (approximately 1.6 meters of cotton)
• Resealable bag supports long lasting and safety of cotton

With little to no break-in period, you can literally wick a fresh build, give it a drip or squonk, and vape away.

When using TFC you will benefit from fast even absorption, 100% flavour from 100% pure organic cotton.
Don’t miss your chance to try this amazing and innovative cotton!