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Voom Mi Device

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Voom Mi Battery

Voom is the culmination of art and technology that translates into their geometric design. From their logo to their products, there is a consistent geometry in the design. The company decided on this approach in order to make better devices, specifically for adult vapers. VOOM aims at an ultra-simplistic product design that still connotes superior quality. With that, this company’s mission is to “navigate cigarette smokers into reducing damaging effects of combustible tobacco through the use of VOOM E-cigarettes.” Disposable devices are coming into their own because they offer new consumers a chance to try Voom’s products at an affordable price. Then, once the product satisfies them, they can decide on a long-term device kit. Disposables are therefore also a means of gaining trust. Knowing what to expect from a product really sets the tone for how customers engage.

The Voom Mi Battery is an additional component to the Voom Mi Pods. This component is the piece that attaches to the pod, pre-filled with a flavour of your choice. Systems like these are great for beginners because they give some flexibility in flavour choice, and some longevity in the product as a whole.

What's in the box
1 x Voom Battery
1 x Charger Cable

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