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Vape Republic 8 Ball Longfill Aroma

R 250.00

Tropical Lychee on Ice: Juicy Tropical Lychee from the subtropic capitals of the world, drenched in drops of melted ice to give you a mouthwatering summer taste of freshness.

Aloe Vera Grape on Ice: A tantalising combination of juicy grapes blended to perfection with the touch of aloe from the Arabian Peninsula to give you that sense of complete satisfaction. Served chilled to keep you cool.

Mango, Guava and other Tropical fruits on Ice: A combination of two of our most loved fruits, magnificently ripened mango and guava, mixed to perfection with other tropical fruits to bring out an explosion of flavour. All these fruits blended to perfection with the right balance of cool to keep you begging for more!

Tropical Pineapple on Ice (VapeCon 2019-Flavour of the Year): From the tropical lands of Brazil, we bring you a mouth-watering burst of pineapple, crushed into a delicious drink, served with the perfect amount of ice.

Mango Passionfruit on Ice: Succulent Juicy Mangos blended to perfection with the tartness of a sweet and tangy passionfruit, served chilled straight out of the fridge.

Boost: Tantalise your tastebuds with our original take on an energy drink.


Longfill does not contain nicotine or VG.

DIY Aroma Guide

  • Remove the Lid
  • Remove the Top Cap
  • Fill with 80ml VG
  • Fill with 10ml Nic Shot
  • .Replace Top Cap & Lid
  • Shake Well to Mix


DIY Nic Shot Guide

  • 24mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 2mg 120ml
  • 36mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 3mg 120ml
  • 60mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 5mg 120ml
  • 72mg 10ml Nic Shot + 80ml VG Additive ➔ 6mg 120ml

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